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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 8:38 PM
Do Right has been getting great reviews and significant radio play all over the country and around the world, including the Jonathan Schwartz show and WBGO!

Here's what the critics are saying:
“Simply beautiful…Kessler maintains a welcome less-is-more approach that emphasizes the purity of her tone, with its enticing hint of duskiness, and the immaculate quality of her phrasing…The addition of a peerless adaptation of Ellington’s lesser-known, “The Gal From Joe’s”… and Kessler’s own doleful “My Empty Bed Blues” cements her status as a vital new voice.” –CHRISTOPHER LOUDON, JAZZTIMES

"Kessler proves to be a first-rate interpreter and dissector of songs...(able) to tap into the marrow of a lyric and bring it's essence to the foreground, her diction is something that other newcomers should take note of...and her phrasing is oh-so-natural and flexible. In short, she's the real deal." –DAN BILAWSKY, ALL ABOUT JAZZ, 4 STARS
“It is nearly impossible to say enough about Sari Kessler’s talent for and dedication to Jazz vocals. She moves from sultry to funny to bright to warm and all are believable deliveries...Do Right is a splendid example of what a debut album should be and could be. Sari Kessler has directed her energy, her artistry, her creativity into a work of great heart and warmth. If Do Right is truly reflective of her personality and charm, and I am sure it is, we want to know her more.” –ROGER TRAVIS JR, JAZZTIMES ONLINE

“Kessler doesn't rush the listener through the lyrics but etches vocal nuances that prove to bring out the potency of the words.” –SUSAN FRANCES, AXS
"By the time you reach the final track, the listener has been removed from the everyday and treated like a confidant, let in on the secrets of what life is, the trials as well as the joys. There's a self-assured quality in the voice of Sari Kessler, a singer who one can tell is an avid observer and certainly a storyteller. Pull up a chair and enjoy this musical journey." -RICHARD KAMINS, STEP TEMPEST

“…an impressive debut recording…Kessler has learned well the art of putting a song across.  Her voice is a pleasant alto, she has a fine feel for phrasing, and has absorbed well the jazz influences around her.” –JOSEPH LANG, JERSEY JAZZ

"This is not another run-of-the mill jazz vocalist sings the Great American Songbook album; Kessler is enjoyably far-reaching in her choice of material...She is an expressive, charming vocalist who does take her share of chances."  -ALEX HENDERSON, NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD

Here's an excerpt from Tyran Grillo's review of Sari's CD release concert at Kitano, written for All About Jazz:

“On May 5, 2016, Sari Kessler led a multitalented ensemble at the Kitano in celebration of her first album, Do Right. Yet from the way the New York-based singer carried herself, one would've thought it was her fifth…She made the audience feel like kin from note one, turning ballads into sultry anthems of experience and upbeat tunes into affirmations of her love for the craft. She treated standards like precious family heirlooms, each imbued with years of careful handling even as she added the polish of her own, while her self-penned songs confirmed her compositional gifts.”
More reviews of the album:

“This is fine introduction to a very talented…woman. She will be around for a long time.” –AMAZON, 5 STARS

“A jazz thrush opens a new chapter on the Great American Songbook in which she hits a bunch of standards but adds her own special sauce…Tasty stuff that shows she knows how to pick her songs as smartly as she knows how to pick her sidemen…A totally delightful debut.” –CHRIS SPECTOR, MIDWEST RECORD

“Surrounded by a stellar cast - Kessler brings freshness to delightful, hand-picked gems of the jazz repertoire."  -KENNY MCKENZIE, WFCF ST. AUGUSTINE FLORIDA

“With her first release, Do Right, jazzy swinger Sari Kessler sure knows how to make things feel all right—right off the bat with the CD's first cut. She's an interpreter whose thinking shows and pays dividends.” -ROB LESTER, TALKIN' BROADWAY
“When Sari Kessler changed professions, the world of psychology might have lost a good practitioner. But the world of jazz music gained a great vocalist and composer. If this album is any indication, Sari Kessler is a name that the jazz world will come to know very well.” –BRUCE VON STIERS, BVS REVIEWS
“Sari Kessler is a very talented…jazz singer.”  -ANN ALEX, BEBOP SPOKEN HERE